New TotsBots SwimTots reusable swim nappies

Living by the sea, my children spend a lot of their time at the beach. I try not to take our coastal lifestyle for granted. Growing up in The Fens in Cambridgeshire, a trip to the beach was, for my family, a day out, that involved loading up the car with provisions to last the day, and an early start to avoid coast-bound traffic. I have fond memories of days spent at Hunstanton (in Norfolk), cool-box of sandwiches in tow. For my children, the beach is somewhere we go when we have no other plans, or money. It’s a rather unimaginative way to kill an hour or two, and it’s a familiar backdrop to many play dates.

We live on the Kent coast, in the area with the highest concentration of Blue Flag beaches in the UK. The Blue Flag is awarded to British beaches that meet criteria including cleanliness, accessibility and water quality. One such Blue Flag recognised beach, which is in walking distance from our house, is Joss Bay. Home of the very well regarded Joss Bay Surf School, and the venue of the Wheels & Fins action sports & music festival. It’s a favourite of ours as the eldest two children and their Dad love to surf. There are also bouncy castles and trampolines in the Summer for Seb, a café, and non-gross toilets; the proximity to our front door also means it’s one of the beaches we visit most regularly.

Beach kids, and beach toddlers in particular, do need half decent beachwear though. Quinn wears cloth nappies all of the time, and I prefer her not to go naked below the waist at the beach, just because… sand. So a reusable nappy that will keep wees and poos in, but keep the pesky sand out, is a must.

TotsBots, who produce the fabulous EasyFit Star, which is one of my favourite and most commonly recommended cloth nappies, recently sent Quinn their new swim nappy to put to the test.

totsbots swimtots

The elasticated seams of the SwimTot nappy mean that no sand gets inside to the nappy area, which gets a huge thumbs up from both of us. The lining is made from a super soft microfiber, which doesn’t chafe against Quinn’s skin, even when she, and the nappy, are wet. It’s also ultra thin, no bulkier than a standard dry disposable nappy, which means she can splash about in the water and even swim, without being restricted at all. I love the fact that the material is completely breathable, and this scored the SwimTot extra points over some other swim nappies that we’d tried in the past, which were made from sweatier material that left Quinn feeling clammy and probably quite uncomfortable when she was playing out of the water.

totsbots swim nappy.jpg

The SwimTot will be on sale for £10.99, and looking across the board at the RRP of other comparable swim nappies, I’d opt for this one, on the basis that the fabric is soft against skin and 100% breathable, there’s no way for sand to get inside the nappy, and your toddler is free to run, crawl, swim and paddle without any restriction to their natural movement. Comparing this in turn to the cost of disposable swim nappes, which retail at around 50p per nappy (commonly sold in packs of 12 for around £6) – families who regularly swim can make significant savings by switching to cloth.

The nappy that Quinn is wearing here features the new “Dig It” design.

totsbots swim nappy beach

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