Full Moon Gratitude List #1

I’m trying to get into some more positive habits, in particular, getting in touch with natures’s regular cycles – the moon, and the seasons especially. I’ve always been drawn to lunar astrology, and I’ve been through quite a transformative stage in life over the past couple of years – so it feels like something I should tune into more and embrace.

In particular, I’m trying to consciously use the lunar energy around the full moon to take stock of where I am, what I’m doing, and with whom, and express gratitude for the things that make me happy, and to list the things I’ve been grateful for since the previous Full Moon.

I thought it would be reassuring to have these posts on my blog, so that I always have them to look back on – but they might be an interesting read for other people over a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m someone who likes to read posts that give me some insight into the person behind the blog, so I’m making these posts public for people who similarly like to read more personal content.

I won’t bother to give these posts a long introduction every month, but you can look out for them at the climax of every lunar cycle, I’ll try to make sure they always go live the day before the Full Moon.

Full Moon in Pisces.png

1) This month I was able to complete my training as a Certified Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage. It was really difficult to be able to afford the course fees, but, with the support of the IAIM (letting me pay in instalments) and some super careful financial management (something I really struggle to get right) I paid the course fees myself and completed the training.

2) I’m super greatful to have a partner in life who is so incredibly supportive of my goals, particularly this month, driving four hours per day to take me to, and collect me from, my training; and taking the time off of work to spend with Quinn so that I could attend.

3) As well as Brad’s support, I’m also grateful for the support of my extended family, particularly my sister and brother in law who let us stay at their house and kept us fed for a week whilst I was training (the training venue was in their county, so staying there got me as close as possible without having to pay for a hotel)

4) I’m grateful that both of my children have Fathers in their lives who are devoted to making them happy and ensuring that they’re cared for, and who are prepared to adapt their plans and work to accommodate mine, so that we can all improve ourselves and bring up great kids.

5) I’m grateful for the safe arrival of several friend’s babies – most of whom will be attending my first infant massage group at the end of this month. Particular for the births of Willow, Ezra and Jesse.

6) I’m grateful to the lovely Amy for crocheting Quinn an incredible cardigan for the Autumn.

7) I’m grateful for my children’s health – particularly Quinn’s, who, whilst we received some pretty naff advice at her 2 year developmental review last week, is absolutely thriving and exceeding developmental expectations for her age.

8) I’m grateful to one of Brad’s customers who gave us a stand for Quinn’s tuff-tray because they received two by mistake, and rather than return or sell it, gifted it to us because they knew we had a tray without a stand.

9) I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach my ultimate breastfeeding goal of 2 years. This is a pretty complex gratitude, which includes gratitude to Brad for his support, gratitude to him also for working so hard over the past 2 years to ensure that I didn’t need to, gratitude for the support I’ve had from professional breastfeeding support services, the unwavering support from my friends and the fact that I’ve made so many friends over this 2 years who share my passion for breastfeeding, gratitude to my body for continuing to produce perfect milk for Quinn, gratitude to Quinn for continuing to feed and making it, generally speaking, such a positive experience, and gratitude to woman-kind in general for being milk making badasses.

10) I am also, as always, grateful to live by the sea, and be able to enjoy the coast with my family. I’m so lucky to be raising my children somewhere so beautiful and interesting.

beach broadstairs

If you’d like to share anything that you are grateful for as we enter the Full Moon cycle, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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