Top 10 Vegan Instagram Accounts To See You Through Veganuary

instavegan1So you’ve decided to give vegan a go, and sign up to Veganuary 2018? If, like me, you love using Instagram as a social platform, then there is a lot of vegan love over there. Get stuck in with hashtags, #vegan is an obvious one, but be aware that there may be a lot of unrelated content on that hashtag because people will use it to widen the reach of their post, even if the post itself has nothing to do with veganism. #veganrecipe #veganbaking and #whatfatveganseat are all good hashtags to spend time on though. Of course, use the #Veganuary hashtag – follow other people taking part in Veganuary 2018, comment on their pictures and make friends.

Here’s my pick of established vegan Instagram accounts to follow today.

1. @weareveganuary


An obvious one, but make sure you’re following the Veganuary account for ideas, inspiration and fellow new vegans.

2. @vegansidekick


Funny vegan comic strips to make you chuckle to yourself, as well as arming you with some witty comebacks when some lad in the office wants to take the piss.

3. @fatgayvegan


The Instagram account for vegan writer and personality, Sean O’Callaghan, aka The Fat Gay Vegan. Lots of booze, sweet treats, tips and hangouts for London vegans,

4. @veganfoodshare


Lots of ideas for great vegan food, most of it filthy.

5. theoriginalvegansociety



Follow The Vegan Society for competitions, ideas, advice, and vegan community news.

6. thevegankind



The Vegan Kind produce and distribute a popular vegan food and lifestyle subscription box, but they are also super-active on Instagram, sharing everything from vegan news, new product finds, to memes and cute animal videos.

7. @accidentallyveganuk


Ever seen your vegan mates eating something and been like “whaaaat? Is that really vegan?” Accidentally Vegan share all the supermarket finds that you wouldn’t necessarily think were “vegan” but that just so happen to be free of animal products – this could be your Veganuary lifeline, keeping you up to date on what biscuits, crisps, chocolate you can still enjoy.

8. @mymeatlessmeals



Easy to follow vegan recipe videos. I like using recipe videos rather than written instructions and often use this account to help me meal plan.

9. @simple_happy_kitchen


Cute nutritional infographics & memes.

10. @plantbasednews


If staying up to date and always learning is your thing, and you need some conversation topics to share with your new vegan gang – follow this account for, well, the username says it all really.

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