Looking forward to January moons 2018


I have written this post with the intention that it be accessible to those with little or no existing knowledge of lunar astrology – a beginner’s guide, if you like! If you’re still a bit confused about what the moon is up to this month though, and how it might effect us dirty mortals – please don’t be scared to get in touch. No question is a silly question around here!

This year gets off to a banging start, with a Supermoon in the sign of Cancer today (January 2nd). A Supermoon is just another way of saying Really Big Full Moon, and occurs when the moon is full at the point in its orbit where it comes closest to Earth (making it appear larger than usual and tugging extra hard on our oceans). We had a Supermoon back in December too, although our current full moon won’t appear as large as that one. We also have a third Supermoon at the end of January.


It’s relatively unusual to get two full moons in the same calendar month. When it does happen, we refer to the second moon of the month as a Blue Moon (even though it appears the same colour as a typical full moon!) – hence the phrase “once in a blue moon” when you’re referring to things like me taking my makeup off before bed.

It’s also really quite unusual for us to be seeing three Supermoons back to back – so it’s an intriguing month for lunar astrology, and a very auspicious start to the new year for us all!

Getting back to tonight’s full moon in the sign of Cancer then…

The moon takes between 27 and 28 days to orbit the Earth, and in doing so, it moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac. Right now, as the moon appears full, it is moving through the sign of Cancer. Astrologers believe that the position of the moon effects the energy present here on Earth, and that we can tap into this energy to live in harmony with the moon (and in doing so, can create a better, more abundant, life for ourselves). Cancer is a water sign, making it heavily concerned with emotions, intuition, and our higher selves. Cancer is also the sign associated with the home, family and children. This full moon is likely to be emotionally charged, particularly where our nearest and dearest are concerned. This might mean that we’re more open to disagreements – but equally, we could use this energy positively to shower our family in love, and welcome love in return (yes I’m hinting at rudey nudeys). Strong emotions don’t have to be a bad thing!

One thing is for sure, the Cancerian full moon wants us to turn inwards, feather our nests (a great time to enthusiastically give the house a once over after the decorations come down), cuddle up, play with our children and be cosy. The full moon in Cancer does not encourage you to hit the January sales… Unless it’s buying something nice for the home, like a huge warm blanket!

Full moons give us an opportunity for gratitude and reflection. With family and home in mind, consider what you’re most greatful for right now – you could make a gratitude list in your journal, or just on your phone. Also think about home and family, and consider whether there’s anything that you need to let go of; a sour relationship, that lamp that nobody actually likes, the amount of time you spend ignoring your kids to look at social media apps. Under this moon it’s important to look carefully and critically at our home lives to make way for improvements.

In the two weeks following the full moon, the moon appears to get smaller, and smaller, until it is lost to darkness at the new moon. This is called a waning moon, it’s the half of the month that we should spend getting quieter, and smaller ourselves as well. When the moon is waning, we are best placed to dedicate lots of time to self care, rest, meditation, journaling, enjoying nature, being deliberately slow, and, if needs be, avoiding people altogether.

Eventually, the moon will seem to disappear, giving us a moonless sky on the 17th .

Just as this represents the rebirth of the moon, so it should represent our monthly rebirth. When the moon is dark we make plans, manifest our dreams, plot our comeback, and bounce back into our loudest, proudest version of ourselves. It’s also the most powerful date for magic and spellwork – if you’re that way inclined.

This month, the moon will descend into darkness (new moon) as it moves through the sign of Capricorn, an Earth sign.

If Capricorn is your sign, then the power of this new moon is amplified for you! Any dreams that you manifest on this new moon, will be bigger and better than at any other time of year. So goats – get writing those intentions, light a candle and throw some crystals about.

Whilst Cancer will have had us plumping our cushions and watching box sets, Capricorn is a very different beast. If Cancer is saying “I’d rather be at home with my cat” then Capricorn asks “is it really that beneficial for me to own this cat?”.

Capricorn energy is about ambition, but not pie-in-the-sky wild ideas. Capricorn is head down, get stuff done vibes. It’s about looking at your goals with hard, cold logic, and working out what needs to be done to make them a reality.

With that in mind, the dreams you manifest on this new moon should be well thought out, and immediately actionable. Whether it’s work, love, health and fitness, or a big purchase. Tap into the energy by planning meticulously and with a clear, determined mind.

My only word of warning; don’t be a dick. If you know someone with a Capricorn birthday it may be that they’re… prone to being a little… blunt? Capricorns aren’t unpleasant people, but they know what they want, they’ve got a good idea of how to get it – and woe betide anyone who thinks to get in their way. They may sometimes be accused of being rather cold (it’s rarely intentional!) – but we’re all a little prone to picking up some of this stone-cold serious energy under a Capricorn moon. Be mindful of how you’re communicating with others, so that you can get those balls rolling without crushing anyone’s spirit in the process.

The two weeks following a new moon, are waxing moon weeks, which means the moon is getting bigger and bigger, working it’s way back to full.

It’s time to mirror that moon again (see a pattern forming?) by gaining momentum, putting wheels in motion, and doing, doing, doing. Whatever you may have asked for when manifesting under the new moon – it isn’t just going to land in your lap (sorry!). You’ve got to put the work in, and use that waxing moon energy to get the job done. Now is the time to send the emails, turn up to the events, create the Tinder profile, set up meetings, or write the first chapter. Whatever you need to do to make the magic happen.

At the full moon, the cycle happens again. The moon is cyclic in nature, as are human beings.


Our second full moon of the month, the Blue Moon, scrapes in on January 31st, when the moon is not only another Supermoon – but also – a total lunar eclipse! (Not visible in the UK unfortunately). Just because you can’t SEE an eclipse, though, doesn’t mean we don’t experience the energy of the eclipse. An eclipse refers to the moon passing straight through the shadow of the Earth, which will happen regardless of whether it’s visible where you are or not.

As before, the full moon vibes are about gratitude and letting go (as they always are). This is the climax of the moon’s cycle, when everything, including us and the dreams we manifested at the new moon, are the biggest, brightest versions of themselves, before going into a state of gradual slowing down and relaxation under the waning moon. When the full moon is eclipsed, it’s power is amplified. When the moon is a Supermoon, it’s power is amplified. A blue moon is a powerful full moon. When a Blue Supermoon is eclipsed… You know things are going to go OFF, in a big way. If a full moon is going to fuck you up this year, it’ll be this one. Sorry.

This time, the moon will be in Leo when it’s full. Leo is, once again, a very different energy. It in no way resembles Cancer, or Capricorn. Personally, Leo is one of my favourite energies but it’s also when we expect things to be their weirdest – hardly what we need for a Blue Supermoon Eclipse! When the moon is in Leo we are drawn to silliness, showing off, wearing glitter, or wearing nothing at all. We’re flirty – perhaps aggressively so. We can’t sit still. We are wild, loud, and riotous versions of ourselves. When the moon is in Leo it can feel like everyone wants to be the centre of attention all at once. Which has the potential for disaster. For Leo to bring it’s energy to this most powerful of full moons… Well… It’s a good night to throw a party that nobody will forget. Maybe not a good date to hold your precious baby’s baptism.

Speaking of precious babies. If you’re due to have a baby around the end of January/February, full moon energy does tend to result in a higher incidence of births… These kind of crazy weird moons even more so – so I’m happy to bet on the 31st for your baby’s arrival! Of course you’ll then spend the rest of your life with a child born under a Leo Blue Supermoon Eclipse… So that’ll be fun.

So: that’s your moon map for the month. Enjoy this slow, comfy start under Cancer, because this month is going out with fireworks.





One thought on “Looking forward to January moons 2018

  1. I love this post! I’ve always been drawn to the skies but it’s only in the past year I’ve realised how much I’m affected by what goes on up there. This was such a handy read – as a Leo, I’m excited for this blue moon!


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