Looking Forward to February Moons 2018

Hi Moon Lovers! Just like that, January was gone, and we finished with a beautiful full supermoon in Leo – and a blue moon at that! How was the full moon energy for you? I’d love to hear from you if you had any interesting experiences whilst the moon was at her most full.

Of course, we continue to feel some full moon energy still, as she’s very large in our sky, but none the less we are entering the moon’s waning stage. As the moon wanes (gets gradually smaller until she becomes invisible at the New Moon) we are encouraged to turn inwards, and assess where we’re at. Did you manifest any dreams or intentions under the new moon in January? If so, now is the time to look back over those manifestations – how did you do? Did you do all of the work necessary to start making those dreams a reality? If not, don’t worry! The great thing about the moon’s energy is that it is cyclic – there are no last chances, every time the moon climaxes at the full moon, we’ll get another shot at a new beginning in a few weeks when she starts her cycle again.

Write in your journal (if you have one) what worked for you this cycle, and what didn’t. Make a conscious decision to let go of any disappointment or guilt if you didn’t smash your goals, and start planning how you are going to re-address them next time the new moon roles around. Forgive yourself for anything you’ve ballsed up since the new moon, let it go, and just as importantly, forgive anyone else who’s let you down. Forgiving them may involve removing them from your life – finding a place in your mind where you’ve forgiven someone doesn’t mean you have to continue to hold space for them – or that you have to carry on as though they haven’t done you wrong. Whilst the moon is waning, remove any toxic energy from your space – that includes people who are bringing negativity to your life and standing in the way of your and your goals.

Self care is always especially important under a waning moon, it’s a great time to cleanse body and mind with a soothing salt bath, get a facial, take lots of long walks – whatever calms your soul.


Just as January was an interesting month for lunar energy – with it’s two full moons, one at either end of the month, so February is doing something slightly out of rhythm too. Thanks to the Blue Moon yesterday, and the fact that February is a slightly shorter month than the rest – there is no full moon this month. We won’t see another full moon until March 2nd (which will result in another blue moon at the end of March!).

So what does this mean for the month ahead?

Well, for one, it should be a relatively calm, nurturing month. This is positive air we are breathing! The absence of the full moon is a-ok, it just means that we shouldn’t come up against any surprises. If you want to ask for a pay rise, ask for it. Planning to propose? Valentine’s Day could be a good shout. Everything should, in theory, be on the side of the human’s who are playing ball and living their lives well, so make the most of it.

We do have a new moon of course, mid month, so spend the next couple of weeks relaxing and reacquainting yourself with… yourself, ready to burst on to the scene with some fierce new intentions that need manifesting on the 15th, when the new moon moves through airy Aquarius.

Despite it’s name and symbolism – Aquarius is, indeed, an air sign, and therefore it is not associated with dreamy, mysterious, intuitive processes – but with clear, detached logic.

Aquarians in your life might be hard nuts to crack, they tend to be incredibly emotionally reserved, women of little words, and have very little interest in that which they can’t understand. Aquarians, for one, are least likely to have the slightest interest in lunar astrology! So I don’t expect to have too many of them reading this post!

The Aquarian new moon comes with a similar energy. Whatever you’re manifesting, make it simple, honest, and realistic. We’re probably talking more about making some decent money more than making people fall head over heels in love with us (sorry Valentine’s). Aquarius wants us to cut to the point, state what we want, and not be too fancy about it. For some of us (I’m Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini – so me particularly) this is party pooper energy, and definitely not a favourite. The wonderful thing about working with the new moons though, is that each month we’re forced to focus in a different way, or on a different area, which means we can’t avoid the stuff that we don’t enjoy.

One positive aspect of Aquarius is that it gives zero-fucks about what’s on trend at the moment, or what everyone else is doing. Aquarians want to be themselves, for themselves, and have absolutely no interest in what other’s have to say on the matter. Now that, I can get behind! If there’s anything you’ve been putting off because it feels a bit… out there, or goes against what your peers are doing, now is the time to throw yourself in at the deep end, and channel that Aquarian energy by looking towards your own future with blinkers on – paying no attention to what’s happening around you.

As always, those with Sun or Moon in Aquarius – not that they’ll want to talk about it – will be at their most potent in manifestation potential this moon.

The back end of February is where you’re putting the work in guys – whatever you’ve promised yourself on the 15th, do what you need to do to make it happen in the run up to the full moon on the 2nd – and we’ll check in again at the beginning of March!

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