I’m Ashleigh; although, to two people you’re going to be seeing a lot of on this blog – I’m Mama.

Seb is a sensitive, gregarious seven year old. He’s a gentle soul, a real dreamer (this can be both endearing, and frustrating at times!). He loves computer games, especially Minecraft, I probably let him have “too much” screen time, but he also likes swimming, playing football, starting the day on the trampoline in the garden, and tearing around the park with his friends.

Quinn is my toddler girl, she spends all of her days at home with me at the moment, so we keep really busy with a full diary of clubs, groups and activities. She’s super sweet natured, cheeky, and affectionate. Unlike her brother, she’s a real bookworm.

I’m vegan – for the animals really, but I do have a keen interest in sustainability and environmentalism, and I’m always looking for ways to make our family life greener, and kinder to the planet. We use cloth nappies and sanitary products, Quinn has been breastfed since birth, and we strictly avoid all animal products, not just in our diet, but also in household products, cosmetics, and clothing too.

We live on the Kent coast, and we’re lucky to be in walking distance of several Blue Flag beaches. The┬áseaside contributes a lot to our lifestyle. When reading blog posts, as well as Seb and Quinn, you may also see Brad – he’s my boyfriend, and Quinn’s Daddy. Riley and Zach are Brad’s older children, Quinn’s eldest two brothers. Bucket, Elphaba and The Kitten are our three feline companions, who’re partial to appearing in the background of many a photo!